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دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران
Iran University of Medical Sciences

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Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs
A. About Us
  • Introduction
The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs plays an important role in enhancing student academic and cultural levels. One of the main goals of any university is to contribute to the flourishment of free talents in a society, which is closely related to students’ lifestyle and social activities. Accordingly, the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs seeks to promote student welfare and proper living conditions based on relevant development plans.
  • Mission and Vision
The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs provides and promotes welfare, cultural, sports, and (physical and mental) health services in order to create a suitable environment for students in all disciplines to collaborate and interact with each other. Relying on moral-human values, the Vice-Chancellor’s Office also prepares the ground for the growth and excellence of students for them to shoulder various occupational responsibilities and provide public service.
The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student and Cultural Affairs of Iran University of Medical Sciences intends to achieve the top rank among Iranian universities of medical sciences trough providing student cultural services.
  • Activities and Responsibilities
  • Examining students, socially and individually, in order to offer intellectual help and solve their problems through specialized staff
  • Monitoring extracurricular activities, self-service restaurant, and supervisory, physical education, health care, welfare and on-campus housing affairs
  • Developing a proposed instruction for student welfare affairs in accordance with rules and regulations
  • Making decisions about student disciplinary issues
  • Ensuring the proper implementation of the duties of units operating under the auspices of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office through direct supervision
  • Preparing necessary plans to develop and promote various sports fields
  • Monitoring the proper implementation of various unit affairs and handling suggestions and complaints
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can students participate in cultural activities?
Depending on their interests and experiences, students can meet relevant experts and engage in various cultural and extracurricular activities such as: membership and activity in cultural and art centers, Quran and Etrat Association, student publications, Islamic organizations, scientific associations, etc.
2. How can students participate in extracurricular classes?
Students can enroll in various extracurricular programs promoted by the Cultural and Extracurricular Office, and participate in relevant classes.
3. How can students attend student outdoor programs?
Students can enroll in such programs, which are promoted by the Cultural and Extracurricular Office.
4. How can students apply for holding ceremonies?
Students can submit their written requests to the Cultural and Extracurricular Office through the On-Campus Housing Department or via student associations. After obtaining necessary permits, they can hold ceremonies under the supervision of this office.
5. How can one obtain information about the University cultural news and activities?
Cultural programs are usually promoted in one or some of the following ways:
Mounting banners and posters on student bulletin boards in self-service restaurant, on-campus housing, other schools, the University website, the Cultural and Student Department website (www.medfa.ir), and through SMS.
6. How can students work in the area of developing student publications?
Students can submit their requests to relevant experts to obtain necessary permits.

1. I am a nursing student. Can I attend the School of Medicine, through academic banquet, to take the physical education 1 and 2 courses, if there is no vacancy for enrolling in the School of Nursing? What should I do?
Yes. You can visit the University’s Physical Education Department, Education Unit (located in the second floor of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student Affairs’ building). After discussing the case with relevant authorities, you can go to your college and select the course, if there is a vacancy.
2. Am I exempted from taking Physical Education 1 and 2 courses, if I have a physical or mental illness? If yes, what should I do?
Applicant students should first visit the education unit of their respective school. Their requests will be sent to the University’s Chancellor for Physical Education through the Chargon System. Students will be sent to the student clinic, and following necessary examinations, the result will be announced in writing to the Physical Education Management. In case of definite exemption, students will be removed from practical physical education classes and a final decision will be made based on their conditions.
3. At the end of the semester, how can I submit a grade appeal request?
All grades are registered in the SAMA system, within a definite period of time. Student can submit their grade appeal requests within 72 hours. The respective professor will review the issue and will make necessary changes, if required.
4. How can we use the university’s sports facilities?
Schedules and timetables for sports exercises and training classes are written on the physical education offices, gyms, and at Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student Affairs website. For more information, you can visit physical education offices at your college.
5. How can I enroll in sports competitions?
At the beginning of each semester, different schools and on-campus housing write their sporting activities on bulletin boards and Physical Education Office’s website. Students can visit physical education departments at their respective schools to enroll and take part in these competitions.
6. How can students receive information about the time and location of current sports exercises?
Through the Physical Education Office’s website, posters and banners mounted on bulletin boards in various faculties and on-campus housing, visiting authorities of Physical Education Department, etc.
7. I want to perform paid part-time sports activities. What should I do?
Applicant students should receive letters of introduction from their on-campus housing authorities and submit them to authorities of Physical Education Department in their on-campus housing unit. Applicants will be interviewed, and the result will be announced in writing to each on-campus housing unit.